Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's what I've been messin' with the last few days:

Weird lookin' huh? Well, I think I told you our new neighbors have taught us to play Mexican Train, a domino game. So that you can keep your dominos to yourself, they need a place to stand up!

Our neighbors had trays exactly like this that they bought from a woman for $5 apiece. I thought...I could do that. Easy peasy. And it was, it is, however, the amount of time involed is more than I originally anticipated!

I'm on my 4th one. I think I need 6, in case you're coming over to play!


Simply Heather said...

This looks very intriguing to me...love the colors and the fun it anticipates. Is it a complicated game?

septembermom said...

That does look interesting. I would enjoy learning how to play. Too bad I don't live next door!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Clever! Clever! Clever!

Janice said...

You're such a cleever woman! I'm on my way over!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I love it!

shabby girl said...

Heather, it IS fun, and not complicated! From what I'm told, we play the "express" game from Arizona. I have NO IDEA what that means, except that maybe it's a faster version! Ha!
I think the rules are online. Even the boys would love it!

Kelly, You'd be on my deck if you did live next door!

Cynthia, check it out!

Janice, I'm waiting!!!! We will play!!!

K, you'd love it for sure! Check it out online.

I may make all of you trays!!!!

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