Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lucky Shot!

These two played around the feeder for a few minutes before they settled down enough for one split second shot!

Wishing you a wonder-full day!


Anonymous said...

I love this one, made me smile;)

NanU said...

Nice one! most of luck is being prepared, and you were.

Mersad said...

Wow. Great capture!

Dan Felstead said...

OMG Shabbygirl!!!!! I would kill (or almost) for a picture like this! Not just blowing smoke but this is a contest winner. My favorite of all the pictures of yours I have seen and you have had some great ones!


Pam said...

As someone who tries to photograph hummers regularly, I am seriously impressed!

Heather T. said...

WOW-AWESOME-and a big WOO-HOO from me!!! You must've just about pee'd your pants when you captured this one...and then had to wait to see it up close and personal on the screen :)

Max-e said...

Wow. that is a great capture. I love it when that happens. I also enjoyed the pics of the rabbits, or were they hares?
Thanks for the visit and comments. Btw the elephants do not have to worry about the traffic, because they are in a game park and everyone drives slowly there. Have a geat weekend.

Bagman and Butler said...

Amazing! And yes, luck only comes to play if you are there and ready. It would have been so easy to have shot the big bird and left before the hummingbird came along.

GB said...

I was going to say 'awesome' but that's inadequate. I would just love to have a photo like that in my collection.

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