Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout

This weeks theme, Water/Lakes/Streams, is brought to us by Nicole. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing lots of water!

Any water at this point would be a very welcome sight! I know many of you are experiencing a lot more water than you want right now. But I don't think there is any water around here, not until the monsoons really get going. It's dry. It's like those old western movies where someone is crawling across the desert, seeing a mirage, dragging themselves full of hope towards that illusion, only to get there and scoop up a mouthful of dust...

So I had to go back into my archives to find photos from monsoon seasons in past years.

Along the trail in Ramsey Canyon.

To check out more water in a much grander scale, go to FMTSO!
Ahhhhh.....Have a refreshing weekend!


septembermom said...

Great shots. I love the last one especially. I feel like I can hear it!

Pauline said...

You wish us a refreshing weekend and I say thank you for the refreshment. Fresh is just the word for your post I think. I particularly love the middle one, how the light gives the water a sculpture effect.

SOL said...

I love how the light falls in that last photo.

Manang Kim said...

Awesome shots. Beautiful composition! Happy weekend!
FSO~The pond

GingerV said...

I can almost smell the rain coming. nothing smells better than wet dust on a hot summer day.

Anonymous said...


Ann said...

I like the mini water fall in the last photo. If it is summer, I feel like sitting where the water pound on you.

Jama said...

Love the last photo too, so refreshing!

Doreen said...

glad you had some in your archives. I like the reflection in the first one and the light in the last. we are getting slammed here with rain and storms.

Cheryl said...

I wondered what you'd come up with this week! My aunt lives in AZ now and loves monsoon season. Thanks for drawing from the archives for a look-see at some watery places.

NanU said...

Water is such a treasure in the desert. Yet if it had more, it wouldn't be itself any more, but something different.
Nice place to have a vegetarian sandwich picnic!

~JarieLyn~ said...

beautiful shots, so refreshing and pretty.

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