Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Auto Contrast

I love auto contrast! I do. It improves my photos emensely with just a mouse click.

We were sitting out on the back deck last night watching the clouds try to wring out a few drops. The clouds were interesting, strange.

And with a little auto contrast:


Anonymous said...

Its like the cloud Gods decend...I see the eyes, mouth...wow.....

awesome shot

GingerV said...

that is beautiful. I tend not to use any auto contrast but often hit contrast once or twice in the editor. it gets rid of the overexposure of light glare on a cloudy day. with the edited photo looks more like the colors we see in water falls....

DawnTreader said...

That does make a difference ;) I test edit almost all my photos now one way or the other, which I didn't when I started.

septembermom said...

Wow. You can see the difference. It gives much more dramatic impact to the photo.

Pauline said...

That certainly makes a difference. Will have to give it a try, any improvement is always welcome.

The question remains - did it rain?

shabby girl said...

It rained for about 5 minutes! And believe me, it was soul-satisfying! Have you ever smelled the desert after a rain? I hear it's the creasote bush that creates that smell. It's heaven! I'll never forget it!

amuse me said...

And now another fun thing to experiment with! :)

GB said...

What a difference a click makes! I do love clouds!

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