Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The sure sign of summer is seeing the first turkey vulture gliding across the sky. I'm not sure where they go in the winter, probably Mexico, but I'm always happy to see the first one of the year.

Hubby and I have tried numerous times to get pictures of them on the wing, but by the time we would look through the camera and find them in the sky, they would be too far to get a good photo.

They have quite a reputation for being, possibly, the ugliest bird around, but we think they are really cool. They are natures cleaner-uppers around here. You almost never see roadkill, except perhaps a few ears or feet, or just some fur. They are very thorough.

Yesterday, when I left the house, I could see one of these beauties in the distance right on the edge of the road. I pulled over to the side of the road, put my window down, turned off the radio, and inched forward ever so slowly. Neighbors probably thought I'd finally gone over the edge! But no. Turkey vultures are very skittish and don't much care to have their photo taken. My patience paid off.

Behind him is what's left of his rabbit breakfast. They don't kill what they eat, they just eat what's killed. They say rabbit tastes just like turk, er, chicken.

His work here is finished.


sciencegirl said...

I too like turkey vultures. There was a pair that nested quite near my grandfather's house, and they often sat around on the power poles along the driveway. Guess they were used to us.
Great shot of dinnertime!

amuse me said...

We have spotted something very similar here in Michigan -- it is especially intimidating when passing by on our motorcycles! :) M

Simply Heather said...

That's pretty cool!! Look at how close you were able to get in that first shot. Neato.

I've been waiting for this, after your comment on mine yesteray :)


septembermom said...

Good job capturing those photos! I don't see them in my area.

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...you come up with some of the neatest birds! These are not common in my area. They look to be a really good size bird! Great shots. Thanks for the education.


GB said...

As I said on Heather's blog yesterday I am so impressed. I love birds and bird photography. We don't have vultures in the UK so this is even more interesting. Good photos too.

Doreen said...

great capture! I have not seen one up that close. where my sister lives in the country there are many of them. you see them flying quite a bit over the fields.

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