Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Shoot Out

Yard Art

Pretty typical yard art here in Arizona...metal javalina.

Another common sight is roadrunners. Beep beep!

Nice little setting to watch clouds in the evening...

Or to just watch traffic go by.

I thought these were interesting; some kind of rail cars, perhaps for mining.

A pretty little yard around the corner.

I really like this one. Here in our town, because of the amounts of precipitation that can happen with the monsoon rains, most houses have small ditches that run along the edge of the streets. This one is a bit deeper than most, so they had to build this little bridge to get to the front yard.

This photo was taken last month before monsoons turned everything green. I should go back & post a comparison picture.


Sarah Lulu said...

I really REALLY enjoyed yours!

Seemed so very Arizona to me ...of course I've never been there, I mean based entirely on the little I know (nothing much) and my imagination.

I love how different we all are.

shabby girl said...

Sarah Lulu, Isn't that just the BEST thing about blogging???
ME TOO!! I love learning how different, and yet how similar we are!

Kerri said...

I just love that first picture - I'd like to have those for my little garden. They are so cute.

sciencegirl said...

Seeing your pictures makes me homesick for the desert! It's too darn green around here sometimes.

Doreen said...

your pics are all excellent! enjoyed them all. awesome post!

Chele said...

Very cool pics. The climate is so different than ours. That wagon pic was my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Those mine carts are really cool! I wonder who worked with them, and what their story was...

Scriptor Senex said...

The one labelled 'Pretty little yard' shows your part of the world off so well. Over here it could only be found inside a huge glasshouse. The difference between your plants and ours is enormous.
(And I love Roadrunners!)

Chef E said...

I love your photo shoot and really like that last one, as I am a Texas girl with a pioneer heart! I can relate to the dead grass, and then green...

GB said...

"A Nice Little Setting to Watch The Clouds". Very French. Very welcoming.

Gordon said...

Those hogs seem kinda thin. Must be the heat! Great fun.

GingerV said...

your comments about Arizona make me so homesick

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