Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sings a song, sounds like she's singin'

White Winged Dove

We are thick with these doves around here. Actually with Mourning Doves as well, but white winged doves are the subject for today.

They have white bands on their wings that show up whether in flight, or at rest. It's hard to tell in this picture, but they have almost an irridescent blue ring around their eyes.

These birds can fly 25 or more miles to find water. In the Sonoran Desert, they are able to obtain needed moisture from saguaro cactus fruit. When migrating they can travel in groups of up to 4000 birds to nesting sites.

So here's why I thought to talk about them...I had an epiphany! He he he.

Sitting out on the deck the other evening, I was listening to these doves calling to one another. They are able to make numerous sounds, but the one that became so obvious to me that night sounded just like a line from the Beatles song, I Am The Walrus! No! I'm not kidding! Goo goo goo joob! Coo coo coo choo! You're singing it in your head right now, aren't you? I am totally serious! I can see that I'm going to have to get it on video so you can hear it too.

So, anyway, in the funny way my mind works, I proceeded to think about Fleetwood Mac's song, White Winged Dove, "sings a song, sounds like she's singin'. Is that what Stevie was singing about? The fact that the white winged dove sounds like she's singing a line of a Beatles song? Maybe they were living in the desert while writing the song, listening to the doves calling. Oh, wait. Stevie says, Hmm. There goes that theory.

Anyone else ever think about this stuff? I know, I need therapy. :)


Simply Heather said...

Maybe we should go therapy, that is :) hahaha

Of course, I have these intertwining, deep and senseless thoughts that almost feel like puzzle pieces fitting together and the thrill to actually attach the pieces is exciting...and sometimes we find out that they didn't fit together, but oh well...the moment was fun.

Oh, if people only heard all of my thoughts out loud :)

You get to read some of them....just imagine what I'm not sharing...hahaha

I'd love to hear the dove's songs, if you can capture it somehow and share.

You should've seen me that day, wandering about the yard (EVERYWHERE) - trying to catch a glimpse of my sweet bird in the tree's who was singing to me.

We also have a woodpecker that teases me (BIG TIME)...we talk back and forth (in his language, of course). I do hope that I'm saying good things (?)

Thank you, Lisa...if you didn't see it yet, there's a cute puppy on my blog today :)

Dan Felstead said...

I love the song! Now that you have put it in my mind...I will need therapy as well to rid myself of it! We have doves here as well...although not nearly as big. But I am going to listen the next evening that they are out and see if they sing Beatles songs as well! Thanks for the heads up!


amuse me said...

The Beatles are my therapists! All I have to do is starting playing their music and I'm swept back to great times. :) M

septembermom said...

Hey, you may have something there:) The Beatles may have been dove watchers after all. Beautiful photo of a dove.

Tabby said...

Oh no now I have that song in my head! I love dove's I have a pair that are always on my back porch on my feeder. They know me know and do not mind if I sit out there while they eat, I call them Mr. & Mrs. Dovey.

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