Thursday, July 9, 2009


Hubby took this photo the other night after a monsoon rain. It hasn't been tweeked at all. I should take a picture of the ground around here. It only took a couple of storms and it looks like we all have lush lawns now. In fact, Hubby has had to mow already. For the rest of the summer, that will have to be done, at least, every week. It grows so fast right now, and the snakes love it. All of us neighbors have a pact to keep the yards mowed for that very reason!

I never had a chance to play with photoshop yesterday. I took Mom to the doctor yesterday because she's had an ongoing issue with junk in her lungs, and hasn't been breathing well. She's on oxygen 24/7, with severe COPD, so anything that compromises her lungs is not a good thing.

The Dr. decides to give her an IV of steroid. Great idea, it will open up her lungs. They put in the IV with a saline solution and while they were switching to the needle with the steroid, Mom's hands started tingling, turning lobster red, then felt like she had hands full of nettles. Then it started moving up her arms! Then she started shaking (probably from anxiety), but she thought she was going to start convulsing and got even more scared. Poor Momster! At one point her fingernails turned an awful shade of greygreen. They gave her Benadryl, then gave her a low dose of Xanax to calm her down.

They think it was an allergic reaction to the alcohol preservative in the saline solution since the steroid they gave her is what they give people in the emergency room when they can't breathe.

Anyway, it turned into a 3 hour visit at the dr. office, but in the end, she was breathing better. She had to be brought out to the car in a wheelchair because she was so loaded on the Xanax, but that only lasted for a while. By the time we picked up prescriptions and got home, she was feeling much better.

What a weird day... I'm hoping for a much more uneventful day today!


A Quilter Awakens said...

How scary was that? It is good things turned out okay, and that is an awesome photo. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shot!

Sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like a very scary thing for her-- and you as well. I hope today will be nice and quiet for you both.

Tabby said...

That must of been so scary! I am so glad she is alright, I would of needed Xanax too just to see that happening to her. That picture is so amazing. My neighbors have a pact to mow their lawn every weekend early in the morning. even though it does not need it just to drive me crazy!

Cynthia L. H. said...

So glad to hear that everything turned out ok with your Mom. Sorry that you all had to go through that...
Lovely photo...see? Not only a silver lining, but a GOLD one!!!! Now THAT'S GOOD!

Janice said...

Oh no! Poor Momma! I hope she's doing much better. I'm going to go take a xanax just for reading about her.

GB said...

Sorry about your Mom. I got goosebumps just reading about it.

Wonderful and amazing photo. I've not seen any sky like that anywhere I've ever been. I think I'd have found that scary!

septembermom said...

Glad that your Mom got through all that o.k. Hope she continues to feel better. Amazing photo.

Simply Heather said...

Oh, my friend...I'm so sorry to hear that all of this happened to the both of you. What a horrible experience for your mother and for you to watch.

I'm just getting here, been out ALL DAY with the boys and my dad. I do hope today was much lighter for you.

The sky is gorgeous...tell hubby that we're impressed :)

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that your mom is doing better. Better, I'll pray for her.


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