Thursday, July 2, 2009

Daily Visitor

Every evening this protective daddy walks the wall, while his brood scoots the ground on the other side looking for food.


Dan Felstead said...

This is really it a real bird and if so what is it?


septembermom said...

Beautiful shot! Love the background color.

shabby girl said...

Dan, this is a Gambels quail. We're loaded with them! Last year we had 17 babies, that all survived! That's not easy when there are so many roadrunners around!

Kelly, Thanks!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Oh! shabby girl!!!
I love the photo! Quail hold some sort of comfort for me... (Not really like comfort "food" mashed potatoes, chocolate, etc....) but something emotional stirs within...
I think it's from my growing up days in Nevada....and from my grandpa's farm in Oklahoma.

shabby girl said...

Cynthia, how cool! Isn't it interesting how we personally connect with certain animals.
We grow 'em big here, I guess because we all feed them!

amuse me said...

What a great picture of this bird. Thanks for checking out my pics on our road trip. It has been such a blast and we aren't even half way through. Today we are heading for Flagstaff to meet up with family. A couple days there and then into Durango. The sights we have seen! :) M

GB said...

Ha. A Gambels Quail. I had thought it was a California Quail which is very common in New Zealand (where I live half my life). I have now learned that they are very close relatives who separated 1-2 million years ago. Isn't life amazing.

kent.. said...

That's a beautiful silhouette of the quail. I've seen them in Sun City where they are all over the place! But the most interesting thing to me in your pics is the appearance of a third hand in the shot of the toast! Two people, three hands... Maybe it's just me. I suppose there could have been four hands with nothing odd about that!

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