Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scotts Valley

I forgot to mention that every morning at the Thousand Trails in Morgan Hill we were visited by a gaggle of wild turkeys (probably 25 or so). Fun to listen to them gobble and watch them spread their tails. They look absolutely prehistoric when they run, like something out of the movie Jurassic Park. Pretty gutsy of them to be strutting around so close to "you know when." Pass the cranberry sauce, please.
Making a right turn off of Scotts Valley Dr. on to Disc Dr. was a heart stopper. We went over a little bitty bridge and saw ahead of us that there was a turn with cars on the side. We stopped in the middle of the road feeling like we had just made a horrible mistake. Can’t go on, can’t back up. The expletives spewing out of Ron’s mouth were as loud and varied as you can imagine. He got out of the rv and walked around the curve and realized that there was much more room than it looked from the bridge. After talking to the woman in the office of Santa Cruz Ranch RV Park, we found out there was a MUCH easier way to get into the park. Duh. Inside the office was a very sweet-faced, white greyhound named Petals. I thought she really liked me. I did. All her focus was on me. Looking at me with those great big brown eyes. She kept looking to the right and then back at me. “What do you want sweet girl?” The lady in the office said to me, “Don’t flatter yourself, she wants the doggie biscuits on the desk there.” But she was still cute.
Even though the park is situated alongside the freeway on one side and the busy road on the other it was pretty quiet and lots of trees, a pool, and laundry. Our first day we ran down to Santa Cruz for a quesadilla and burrito at our very favorite place, Tacos Moreno. OMG! Ssoooo good! Why can't we replicate these at home? Somehow they're just not the same. We met our neighbors in the park who were staying in SV through December from back east. From them we learned about a great book called "The Next Exit." It's a big fat book that lists the interstate highways all over the U.S. and what you can find at each exit on those highways. Food, gas, diesel marked in red, Walmarts (that you are allowed to stay in their parking lot overnight if you need to), and retail stores. A handy little book that Ron bought the very next day.
Janice and I had lunch one day and went directly into the fabric shop next door. She is the most fun person to go shopping with! Always a quick quip about one thing or another. I am just blown away at the sheer volume of trims and embellishments in the fabric stores. Was great to soak it in.
Scott celebrated his 21st birthday while we were there. Can't believe my youngest is 21!!! We went to El Palomar for lunch with Rhonda, Pat, and the kids and watched Scott drink a dirty martini! He went out later with friends who were his designated drivers and woke up the next morning, as many of us did on the day after our 21st birthdays, not feeling so great. I believe he learned not to mix drinks that night. Scotts Valley hasn't changed much and it was a comfort to be there, to remember good friends I have made there, and to spend time with my boys.

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