Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have many unfinished projects all tucked away around my house. I think I started this quilt's see...we've been here for 4, no about 5 years, so that would mean, oh brother! I started this 7 years ago. I got it out 3 years ago and finishsed sewing the squares together but then ran out of velvet and that was the end of that. Okay, so I'll have to drive to Tucson for more velvet, but that means a side trip to Trader Joes, and that's always a good thing! I love the colors of the tapestry fabric against the soft black velvet. I'm trying to decide what kind of batting to use inside the quilt. I like the idea of a fluffy, downey sort of feel but then I think it might be hard to handle. Does that make sense? It would be easier to quilt though if I used a thinner batting. One way or another, fat or thin, I will finish this.


SNA said...

What a beautiful quilt.Should
finish it.Let it be a Christmas gift to someone special.

meryl's musings said...

Be sure to finish this -- those color combinations with the black look so rich and inviting.

Sorry about the bubble game -- my daughter's husband complains about it a bit to for her sake! She's so much better of a player than I am. But isn't it a great distracter when you're trying to figure something out? I use that as my excuse.

Laura Jayne said...

It is an amazing piece of art. The rich colors with that deep black... gorgeous.

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