Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ahhhh, the Beach

Yes, we did finally make it to the beach. I have missed that smell and feel soo much! We were so fortunate to get into Seacliff Beach through someones cancellation, originally for three days and then for an additional two days! Shasta was a beach girl while we lived there, but Wilson never knew there was a body of water any bigger than the pool; and that's only good for dropping your tennis ball into and trying to get it back out! Such a puzzle. We really thought he'd be freaked out, but he did really well. Once Shasta got down by the water she seemed to remember the good old days and you could just see the light come back in her eyes. Again we were so lucky to have warm weather while we were camped there. Almost every morning when we got up there would be a big pile of rocks every 50 feet or so that had washed up. Then by afternoon they'd all be gone again.
We were still in SC for Halloween and got to see the kids dressed up. Devon and his Dad were Ghost Busters and Delayna was a dead cheerleader. Oh, we had such a good time visiting and just being back on the coast. We did end up in a traffic JAM on 41st avenue and were reminded of why we left. Crazy! Trader Joe's was a madhouse. I had forgotten what that parking lot was like on a Saturday afternoon. Sheesh. Here's a picture of Hwy 9 going into Santa Cruz. So, so beautiful. I just needed to breathe it all in to take back with me. I remember driving to work this way sometimes early in the morning when a light fog runs through the trees and the sun streams down on it all. I also remember when a huge part of the road had fallen down the side of the cliff, but still.
Was sad to leave the ocean and our families but the doggies seemed happy to have us all to themselves on the road again. We stayed a night in Rancho Oso, a Thousand Trails campground, in Santa Barbara. Another incident where we just stopped in the road to contemplate going forward or trying to turn around to go back. A very skinny little road leads up and over a mountain to get down into the campground with many switchbacks and a width of "one" motorhome. We stopped another camper going in to ask if indeed this was Thousand Trails and he assured us that it was. God bless him, he even sent word back with someone leaving that he thought we could make it and it wasn't much further. Once down there it was gorgeous! Stables and horseback riding, covered wagons, and gobs of cabins. Talking with the woman in the little store there, she told us that after the fire near there last year they had bear coming to look for food. There's mountain lion, deer, racoons, and ground squirrels that drive Shasta insane! We would definitely go back there and spend a couple of weeks. Not sure it's worth that road for one night but, yeah, we'll go back. The next night we spent in Pio Pico, another Thousand Trails park. It's tucked away southeast of San Diego. Since it's so close to the border there are Border Patrol that seem to actually be stationed there. I like that. Shannon drove over from SD to spend the afternoon with us. She just got back from Spain a couple of days before. She went with her friends and brought home incredible pictures. That's my girl on the left. I know she was really fried what with jet lag and having been away from home for 12 days, so I really appreciate the fact that she drove out there to spend time with us.
The last leg going home, without the baby gate I might add, was very long. Shasta found her driving spot next to her Dad for the majority of the day which gave Willy the whole couch to himself.
We had a great time and can't wait to get out there and do it again. We're already planning the next trip; east we think...

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