Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Caught up

After a couple of weeks we're finally caught up on work and stuff around the house. Nice to see my little bunny friends in the mornings. Shasta still has laryngitis. I'll give her until the end of the week then it's back to the doc for her. She's had antibiotics and prednisone. Worrisome.
I've been feeling restless for a while now, like I need to be doing something, creating something, but just couldn't even think of pulling the sewing machine out of the closet because my office was such a mess. Couldn't add one more piece of anything to the rubble of getting back from vacation. Plus I've pulled both dog beds into the room since it's cold in the morning and they love to lounge around in here when I'm working.
So I cleaned the room, one piece at a time and then started going through all of the fabric in the closet. Of course I went to the fabric store and bought something that made me feel good, and following inspiration from Janice's notebook covers, went on to figure out how she did it. It's all complicated for me because I don't really know what I'm doing; mickey moused it together would be an accurate term. I had a binder that I've had for, let's see, um, yep, 35 years that I've been using for keeping track of monthly client buys that is beat up and quite ragged looking. But now,
voila. It has a pen holder, a snap closure, and to make it "me" I added a stuffed button with a ruffle around it. I like walking in to my office and seeing it laying on the table. Makes me feel good. I do still need to figure out what to do with the fabric that I have. Maybe a tapestry binder cover for winter? Yes, and I still have the French Roses quilt pattern and Soft Roses quilt top kit that I need to get to. Several years ago my Mom gave me a Santa Fe Jacket pattern for Christmas. I found some really cute material that I cut up into at least a bizillion little triangles that need to be quilted together to make the material that you cut the pattern out of. It's kind of like buying someone a 2500 piece jigsaw puzzle and saying "I know how much you love doing this sort of thing." It is really cute and I pull it out and work on it every once in a while until I can't stand doing it anymore. Hope she gets to see it completed. She'd like that.

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Laura Jayne said...

I love this notebook cover. It would just beg to be written in looking this cute.

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