Thursday, April 1, 2010


Our realtor came over a couple of days ago to help us "stage" our house. I swear, she is like no other realtor I've ever dealt with. We thought she was going to come over and walk through the rooms to tell us what to do. No. She charged down the hallway, starting in the back of the house, and proceeded to jump right in, moving furniture, taking pictures down, moving things around. She's a dynamo!

About 4 hours later, the house was done. And I have to say, I really like the changes she made! Now every room is easily identifiable. My dining room before, didn't look like a dining room. So we pulled the patio table in there, draped a tablecloth over it, placed dishes & wine glasses, and voila! Dining room. If a piece didn't say "dining" it was out of there. Same with the master bedroom.

I will show you one funny thing she did. My bathrooms evidently needed some punch. She brought over black towels, and since I didn't have any ribbon or raffia, she used ties to set them off, and then draped washcloths over the window valences.

My bathrooms are pretty unforgettable now.

While I've been packing up personal photos and things, I've run across some things that I just love. Small little items that make me smile.

These are just little things that my family have given to each other over the years. I haven't really looked at them in a long time, but I know that when they get unpacked again, sometime in the future, I'll smile all over again.


NanU said...

Show houses are just never quite like houses people actually live in. Congrats on finding a realtor who knows how to do the transformation - and good luck!

The6ofusinca said...

How adorable!!! Love the towels! Man, I wish I could hire her for my house just to make rooms like identifiable!!

I love the two dragons!


GB said...

Like the tie!

Seriously though it does make you think doesn't it? No one will forget your bathroom (unless perhaps they go to another house made over by your realtor!!).

Good luck!

Pam said...

Ties around your towels? Yes, I'd say that's unforgettable.

septembermom said...

She does sound like a dynamo! Your cute little furry friends made me smile too :)

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