Friday, April 23, 2010

Hummingbirds Don't Like Snow


It gets in their way when they fly. I noticed some whizzed right through it, but when the flakes got really big, and the snow came down harder, they would stop and start, stop, and start. I brushed all the snow off the feeder so they wouldn't have to put their beaks through that.

It was beautiful waking up to all of the snow falling, you know how I love that, but I'm worried about all of my new flowers and new leaves on the trees.

Oh, trees! I forgot! Today is Friday! My town shootout....trees! Gotta go!


septembermom said...

That's persistence. Looking forward to those tree pictures :)

Anonymous said...

then call me a mumming bird, I dont like snow

Dan Felstead said...

April 23rd and snowing? WOW...that can't be typical. The tree pictures are beautiful and our hummingbirds returned yesterday (Thursday).


GB said...

That's something I wouldn't have realised. Most things just seem to ignore rain and snow. Or is it just that I think they do. Hmm. Another interesting thing on which to ponder.

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