Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout

This weeks theme, Country Roads, is brought to us by Gordon. I'm excited to see everyone's photos. Country roads speak to me of restful, unhurried meandering. I like that. Since this has been such a busy week. I had to pull photos from my archive for this.
Getting off the main roads, you often see homes with acreage large enough to have old wagons sitting around.

Driving the back roads into the mountain take you past this beautiful waterfall in the desert.

Here's a country road that takes you to a slag pit, dirt that was taken out of the Lavendar Mine. Once a year this area is opened up to the public so that they can go digging for turquoise.

This area, on the other side of the mountain from us, is perfect winery country. I do love the big, open skies here.

This is another thing you might find on our country roads.

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Doreen said...

hmmmmmm......... interesting sign. don't have signs like that around here. love the first image!!

Heather T. said...

Oh my goodness. I never thought of there being a waterfall in your area. The mountainous and sky shot is stunning {frame-able even}. I recall one similar to that on my mother's living room wall when I was had wild horses running through it.

Cynthia L. H. said...

Oh so beautiful!!! I want to go digging for turquoise!!!!!!!!!! Have you ever done that and found any? I could definitely schedule a vacation around that.

Anonymous said...

as always just breathtaking my friend. you truly liive in Gods country.

Anonymous said...

Great job for this theme. True about that sign. I have never seen one like that. Could probably find some moonshineing in the woods here in Ky. but no signs. Blessings

Linda Higgins said...

I love the wide open country! There is a lot of it here in Utah too! OH but best of all....the sign.....yep the sign tops it off! gotta love it! (smiling)

Gordon said...

Wide open spaces! Greatest way to get away.

Jama said...

Gorgeous view of the mountains, I love it!

Kerry said...

A waterfall! Very special. There has been a lot in the news these past weeks about the problems of immigration so it's interesting to see it played out here in your photos.Someday there will be a solution that works.

Chef E said...

I want to know what they are smuggling? Well I guess I am too curious and I might get in trouble! I love the waterfalls, I wish I had more photos of the ones I have seen along roads...beautiful photos!

SOL said...

Beautiful shots! I am amazed by the waterfall--really gorgeous!

Kathy in CA said...

Well done. :) That last photo made me giggle.

Love the waterfall!

Ann said...

That human trafficking sign, are they as many police and refugees as we watch on TV?

Rebecca said...

That sign cracked me up - so unexpected. But then living in the northeast it is not something I would likely see. I love the wagon and gorgeous waterfall, oh I love that big sky too. Great shoot out.

Pauline said...

I love open spaces and big skies so your third shot has my vote.
Like Chef E, I'm too imaginative! Really loved your shoot-out!
I think I'd like where you live.

GingerV said...

that sign is right up there on 'the greatest sign' list with my "keep 30 feet from alligators and yield to them when crossing the walkway"

GB said...

I am enthralled by the variety of country shots this week even amongst the few friends in Blogland who belong to My Town Shootout (which seems to be quite a few of you). It is also really is fascinating seeing the way people have interpreted the topic.

It's also strange for me because I find it hard to imagine your countryside despite seeing the desert on films and TV. Your photos seem to bring it more into reality. I suppose because I can relate it to real people!

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