Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Good Year for Pinecones

With all the rain this spring, our pine trees are loaded! I wouldn't want to be a little critter under this tree when they start to drop!

I'm beginning to think that this guy is staying the season.

The light in this one is all wrong, but I finally got a shot of the male & female together.

Ahh, spring...

This will be the first mow today in the south 40. Yes, things are greening up nicely. I'll be feeding all of the 25 rose bushes today too. Time to slather on the sunscreen! Yes, after a trip to the dermatologist this week, I've another precancer spot on my face. Way too many sunburns as a kid. Luckily, there's creme that will get rid of these spots, albeit ugly to look at during treatment, over a couple of month time span. To think I used to try to get a sunburn in high school, just to get a little color.

I am one of those very fair skinned people that don't tan easily. It was hard to see all of my friends in high school all brown, so at the time I figured red was better than white. What a knucklehead!


Anonymous said...

you are surounded by such beauty;)

Ive been going through the pre cancer spots on my face as well....mostly my forhead so I can cover up with a baseball cap during treatments:(

peace my friend

Pam said...

Wow! That tree is loaded!

GingerV said...

I also spent all my summers in Ariaona sunburned - strawberry blond with freckles - have constant 'things' removed and am wrinked up like an old indian woman. Nothing I can do about it now except be glad I am finally as old as my skin looks.....

GB said...

I know I've seen the bird before but I can't recall what it is and, more irritatingly, I can't find it in the identifier websites. Please pt me out of my misery. Your birds are so colourful and many are considerably different from those in either the UK or New Zealand. As a lover of birds I find this intriguing.

Linda Higgins said...

great shots! hehehe, I use to lay out as a teen and lather crisco oil all over me...and tan so dark I looked dirty! but it was cool back then!

septembermom said...

You have so many great pictures all around you. Wonderful!!

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