Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What do you think?

There is an article in the newpaper about an amateur film maker looking for actors or anyone else interested in helping out with his project. The title of the film will be 13 Bullets, and is the story of a bunch of kids partying in the woods. One of those kids brings a gun to the party.

Really, that's all I read of the article. The plot can go any number of ways and probably will. You're thinking about how you would run with it right now, aren't you? Me too.

I'm also sitting here wondering what the difference is these days in how the younger generation thinks about guns. Guns have been around forever. We have a constitutional right to own guns. We own guns. But as a kid, I was always scared to death of them.

These days it's very hip & cool for a kid to have a gun, and usually the outcome of that is not good. My kids have told me about being at parties where it seemed like a normal occurrence to see a gun laying around. How frightening is that? Kids love to find a party, and they don't always know whose party it is, right? It’s scary. Having worked at the Juvenile Division of the County Attorney’s office, I know that kids can find them pretty easily, if they want them.

But like I said, guns have been around forever. Remember A Christmas Story and the Red Rider rifle? Is it Hollywood that has changed the way kids think of guns, that would make a kid want to carry a gun to have other kids look up to him/her? Is it the breakdown of the American family? What do you think?


Doreen said...

that's a hard question. I think the reasons you listed all could be part of the problem. I remember when boys fought, it was with fists, that was it. kids would circle around them and only the two would fight. not all of his buddies ganging up on one. it is scary in today's world. fantastic question!

Anonymous said...

thought provoking....I think the break down of the american family and the loss of structure and faith has contributed ....

Cynthia L. H. said...

I think all of the things you mentioned are highly likely.

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