Monday, February 22, 2010


Back up in Phoenix for a couple of days. Another Dr. appointment for Mom. Hopefully, the news will be much better than last time. Prednisone is an amazing drug. For her, it creates an appetite that equals four men. Big men. With huge appetites. We’re talking 3 desserts! She did mention on the phone yesterday that she wants to talk to me about something, but didn’t want to lay it on me while traveling.
We’re staying in the building on wheels, on the edge of a huge wash that looks east. It’s overcast with a few sprinkles. I heard coyotes yipping in that big wash last night, along with many train horns. I love the sound of those horns, just not in the middle of the night.

Walking the dogs around the RV compound, there are RVs from all over the U.S.; Minnesota, South Dakota, Washington DC, Oregon. One of the things that I love about RVing, is the friendliness of the people that choose this lifestyle. Passing people and dogs, there’s always a good morning, information shared, and tips about the area.
Wilson does not travel well. He wants to like it. He wags that big ol’ tail at the loading of items in the MH, but shakes and worries the whole time we’re moving. Shasta, on the other hand, loves to go. After a while of helping to navigate, she’ll not only lay down, but sleep and dream. However, once at our destination, she won’t eat for at least a day, and the possibility of pooping is questionable for a couple of days. They are such complex little creatures, aren’t they?
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I pray all goes well for your mother..

the rv life sounds perfect, just perfect;)

septembermom said...

I hope all is okay for your mom. I'll be thinking about you and your family. I'm glad that you're meeting some wonderful folks in your travels.

GB said...

I hope all's well.

I think I'd love the idea of the MH rather more than the actuality. I contemplated it once before I came to live part-time in New Zealand.

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