Saturday, February 20, 2010

Now, this is funny!


I hope your smile lasts all day!


Steven Anthony said...

what a great way to start a saturday...thanx friend;)

SOL said...

I love how the dog waits patiently to be fed--most dogs would just go right for the plate! Very cute and funny.

GingerV said...

that is too funny, can I take a copyy to send to my granddaughter?

shabby girl said...

GingerV, I got it through an email, so yeah, grab it!

GB said...

That WAS funny. Dawn Treader just asked on her blog what made readers laugh out loud. Well there's one answer for me.

Pam said...

That's great!

Darlene said...

10:15 pacific time and it is unavailable. I will have to remember to check back tomorrow. I was hoping for a smile before going to sleep.

Dave and Lori said...

That was so cute! Thanks for posting it.

septembermom said...

I'm smiling BIG!

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl leave it to you to come up with a great critter video! In a year and one half of blogging...this is the best I have seen so far!


Linda Higgins said...

oh my gosh! that is soooo funny, I am sitting at work LOL is this your dog???? I could have watched forever. You have got to do more!

shabby girl said...

This is not my dog. Willy would be waaay to distracted for this, not to mention that I would be drenched with drool. Ew.

Cynthia L. H. said...

Too too funny!!! Such a patient doggie...I love when the hands go up to the chin and side of the head as if he's bored.

Sandy said...

That is hysterical!! Thanks for sharing.

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