Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Monday

Does this look familiar to any of you?

Nobody wants to see this, right? That being said...thank God there is this procedure. We talk about it all the time; what did people do before there was a surgery to replace a hip that has lost its cartiledge?

Hubby was a jogger for 30 years. His bones are in fantastic shape, but the cartiledge was worn down to non-existence. He started feeling some pain in late November and by January, knew he had to have something done. It's now bone on bone. I've watched the pain increase every day, and his mood go downhill. I know this is very depressing for him. Let's face it, he's a type A personality. He has a difficult time sitting still and is definitely a go-getter. The pain meds took care of the need to be doing something constantly, but not so much the pain. And because we operate our own business, he really has to be on top of things.

It's a very strange time right now. I try to remember that he's on medication and is not quite himself. He gets short tempered, but tries to do it in a nice way. Surgery is one week from tomorrow, and it couldn't come soon enough. I've talked with people who've said the pain of surgery is not as bad as the pain you're in before. I hope that's true for his sake. We had a good laugh this afternoon when I mentioned The Real McCoys! You have to be of a certain age to remember that show. Old Grampa hobbled around and his shoulders and arms would jerk every time he took a step. Yep, we think he needed a hip replacement!

We spent the better part of the day today up in Tucson so he could give blood in case he needs it during surgery, and then an appointment with his orthopaedic surgeon. Hubby's been dieting for the last month or so, not wanting to carry around any more weight than is necessary after surgery.

I'd love to hear any experiences you know of regarding hip replacement. It's done so often now it shouldn't be too big a deal, right?


Simply Heather said...

I can't offer a lot of advice but can add that my husbands grandmother went through the procedure with her hips. She's in her mid 80's and has recovered very well...that's some optimism for you :o).

I'll pray for you and hubby...good comfort, bonding times, quick healing, lessened pain and happy hearts...yes, and a super safe surgery!

♥ Heather

shabby girl said...

That's so very nice of you. Thank you!

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