Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wild Weather!

I'm hoping to pick up my daughter from the airport tomorrow afternoon. As many of you are experiencing, from coast to coast, the weather is wild. We had howling winds last night (40-50 mph), but because we are so far south, we didn't get the precipitation that many others got. My friend in New Mexico woke up to over a foot of snow. They are not happy about it but are used to it. They live at 7,000 feet. She was planning on spending Christmas in our living room. Maybe next week...
Even if a person lives in a relatively calm part of the United States, travel will be questionable because you don't know where your flight is originating.
I think we may be okay if she can get on a plane and get out on time. She should leave her area before the next onslaught of weather hits her area, and we should get home before that same storm affects this area.
We'll keep our fingers crossed!
I'm hoping the same for all of you!!!

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