Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Balloon Fun

I'm thinkin' these little dogs are way too much for me! But they are very cute!

This video reminds me of this other balloon fun! I'm totally addicted to it!


meryl's musings said...

What a funny video -- that dog has quite a system down for popping those balloons. And, thanks for the plug on the bubbles game posted on one of my blogs. It is addictive! Beware!

meili_lo said...

sooooooo cute! i wanted to give that dog a BIG HUG!!!

Janice said...

Years ago Jill brought her brother's little Boston Terrier in to the office, and she said he loved balloons! Well, of course, we blew up a ton of balloons for him. When he came in he went INSANE and raced around the room biting them all! We all ended up on top of the counters and desks screaming in (mock) terror as he polished them off and stood there VIBRATING with excitement! He was just one solid muscle, quivering, surrounded by balloon carnage! Good times, good times... HA!

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