Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Look at these faces! Is there a picture anywhere that shows two better doggies than this one?

I took this last year and for the life of me, I can't remember what I bribed them with. A mouse? A chuck roast? The neighbor's cat??? At least Wilson wasn't drooling in this one. He tends to do that when there's food around.

We took them to the dog park earlier today. It's always a little bit of a gamble, trying to decide who's naughty and who's nice among all of the dogs. Shasta, little black girl, is an alpha. Hands down, no question. She would be the lead dog in the Iditerod. Never seen a dog faster than her. Some dogs like to challenge her because she puts out an air of bein' the boss in that elusive way that dogs have, although she is a very sweet girl. One time while visiting my mother we took my dogs to the dog park near her home. It was full of senior citizens and their small, well-behaved dogs. Within moments Shasta had the lot of them running amuck in a pack. It was wild. All of the owners' mouths were hanging open!

One complaint that I have of the dog park is that most people that take their dogs there stand around in a little circle, not paying much attention to where their dogs are or what they're doing. I always pick up the piles that my dogs leave and some they were not responsible for. The point is that we watch them.

Today Shasta was attacked by another dog at the park and while I was yelling for the owner to come get his dog, these people just stood there watching. Hubby managed to get in there and separate them, but only then did the owner come over. I leashed her and tried to get her out of there but the other dogs kept trying to get at her. I finally had to posture at one of the dogs before its owner came to get his dog. She's fine, no damage done. Poor Wilson was scared to death.

That was her first fight in 10 years. Scared me. She shook it off but was on edge as we left. I tend to be overprotective of everyone that I love. I hope I will allow her to go back.


Simply Heather said...

I like your photo and your dogs are gorgeous! They look well loved. My hubby and I are doggy lovers (and every other animal). We had quite an exceptional pair for years...they passed within six months of one another (it was a sad year). We still choke up when we think of them. I'll have to post some photo's. My girl was similar to yours, she was a border collie mixed with something large and wirey haired (???) Our handsome male was a black lab/rotty/wolfhound mix. They were Happy and Ugly...4 years apart. My hubby raised Ugly from his mother's litter...Happy was rescued from the local shelter.

I'm running on and on, aren't I? I'm sorry but my love for those two is still deep in my heart.

We now have an American Bulldog mix and she's a great family girl that seems a bit "tomboyish". We'd expect nothing less for a female in a house full of males :o).

Okay...all done. Just wanted to say that I appreciate this blog (oh and the cookie one too).

Take care,

shabby girl said...

Simply Heather:
I would love to see pics of your wonderful dogs! I hope you blog on them!
My step-daughter has an English Bulldog. What a Toon! I know that you know what I mean!
Like I said in my earlier blog, we know they'll go first and the heartbreak that will bring, but we can't seem to help ourselves. Us too!

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