Friday, December 12, 2008


We received an email today from a friend in California. He is younger than us, full of energy, and is a bicycle enthusiast. By enthusiast, I mean someone that will ride his very expensive bike for many more miles than any of us could imagine. He called it the "Keepin' it Real Tour" and would ride for a hundred miles in a couple of days. Crazy, man!

During his wild rides, we would take care of his beautiful dogs, Murray & Madison. They were Australian Shepherds, one red and one tri-colored. Murray, the red, passed a few years ago. I know that our friend lost a piece of his very being when Murray died. He allowed Madison to go to Murray and in her own way understand that Murray was gone. I absolutely respect him for that. He buried him on the shore that Murray so loved to run.

As the last few years have skittered by, we have lost the connection that we had with our friend, although we have always cherished the friendship and respect that we have felt for him.

Today, we received this from our friend:

R.I.P. December 10. 2008.
13 years 7 months.
Madison, Donner LakeJune 5, 2008
13 years 1 month
Thanks to you and Lisa for the massive love back in the day........

My heart breaks for you, Aaron, because I know how you felt about these magnificent animals and I remember the respect and the absolute devotion & love that they had for you. It was an honor to know these wonderful dogs!

God bless our four legged friends!


meryl's musings said...

You brought tears to my eyes this morning reading this. It is so sad to lose a good friend, someone so faithful and unwavering. But, oh, if we never got the chance to know our furry family members.

Lisa said...

oh that is so sad. I feel so badly for your friends. Our furry friends are more than pets, they are family members.

I worked with a woman who lost her dog about 10 years ago and still cannot talk about him without crying.

May memories get them through this difficult time.

shabby girl said...

I mean, let's face it, we know when we decide to share our lives and take these little creatures under our wings, we know.
We know we will more than likely outlive them. We know that it will rip our hearts out.
Today, while at the vet picking up some rather exquisite doggie treats, we saw a man pick his very old Golden out of his van and carry him inside. That sweet dog's head was laying over the man's shoulder. I so wish I had not seen it, especially after the news yesterday.
But we do know. And it's still worth it. Every single time!

Janice said...

Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry! I met those sweet puppies! You and Aaron and everyone are all in my prayers.

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