Monday, December 8, 2008

Early Kodachrome Images

If you're a photography buff, please check this out.

It's pre-WWII pictures that trace history all over America.

We have all had our worries, and trials, and fits of hope in spite of it all. But nothing like what our parents and grandparents experienced.

The world has come so far, good or bad, mostly good.
But we're so busy now, in such a hurry.
Christmas time especially is a manic race to buy so much, have so much, and get so much.
I took my mother to the mall last week for a little shopping. She was outraged at the prices of things and at the sheer volume of junk for sale.
Made me think of what Christmas must have been like in her youth. Not much under the tree I think. Simple things, but things that still made them happy.
This year, less junk. More love.


The6ofusinca said...

AMEN SISTER!!! The trick is instilling those values into our youth. I think next year we need to have exchange handmade gifts! No ipods, Iphones, laptops, cameras, video games, purses, clothes,makeup, etc....
Kay now what do you mean I have been tagged>? I don't see anything on me blog sista....

meryl's musings said...

Our holidays are going to be very simple this year -- enjoy the younger ones a lot more. Glad you found these pics. They are great.

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