Thursday, July 1, 2010

Terrible Picture

I know, I know. The lighting was ALL wrong to get a good shot of this, but it cracked me up & I wanted you to see it.

This is how my dogs spend their day. Every day.

Sweet Shasta has always slept under the bed. It's like her den. For a while, we had the bed lowered when Hubby had his hip replaced. But then it was just too sad that she couldn't get under there. Up the bed went again.

Willy, on the other hand, has always enjoyed the lifestyle of the spoiled & rotten! I can't tell you how deep his sense of entitlement runs. But it's deep!


Heather T. said...

This is perfect, regardless of camera settings! Love it, my friend ♥ I sometimes wish that we could have it so calm and cozy....

Anonymous said...

LOL...this is priceless.....ahhhh the dogs life ;)

GB said...

Well it's easy to see who rules in their household!

septembermom said...

That's the way to spend a lazy, summer day :)

NanU said...

Excellent photo of the dogs' life!

Pam said...

That is so cute! Have your dogs met my cats because they apparently have the same outlook on life.

Janice said...

It's such a hard life! BTW, I think I have that sheet in my sheet quilt!

Sandy said...

What I find funny about this is the sheet on top of the quilt so to keep excess dog hair and dirt off the bed. Yes, my bed looks the same way is why I noticed

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