Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

How many times a day do I walk outside, mindlessly, to pull a weed, cut some flowers, or just to potty the dogs? Right now there are plenty of plants & bushes that are way overgrown with blooms that I haven't had the heart to cut back. I don't give a second thought to moving freely around those plants in the yard, the neighborhood, in flip flops, shorts.

What I've learned this week is that even though there are houses all over the place, people walking, jogging, riding bikes along this road, it is still a wild place. As I move thoughtlessly, there is no telling what, who, or how many people or animals are watching, frozen in place to not be seen; to become a part of the landscape. I remember one afternoon, standing in my front yard, and hearing a bullet whiz by my head. It sounded just like it does in the movies. I didn’t run, but whipped around to look in the direction of all of my neighbors. I was making a statement! I’m a fool. But that’s not what I wanted to share today.

My home office window faces the front of my house. You’ve all seen pictures that I’ve shared here of the birds, and rabbits that I feed and love. Because I feed and water them out there, it also brings other critters, like javalina, road runners, hawks, snakes and some cats from a couple of houses away. I’ve seen deer and coyotes across the street.

But imagine my surprise around 8 a.m., when I looked out that window this morning and saw a most beautiful BOBCAT, 10 feet from my window! I mean beautiful, healthy, looking, sniffing around for something to eat. WHERE IS MY CAMERA!!!! I ran to the kitchen to get it, came back, and he/she was rounding the front of the house. I ran out the back door, climbed up on a rock in the courtyard to snap a few pictures when she came by the other side of the house. But no. Disappeared. Poof! Just like that. Nowhere to be seen. I guess that’s why we don’t often see them. They know how to disappear. This camera has not left my side all day. But unless it was sick, it wouldn’t have shown itself in the daytime. I won’t let an opportunity like that get away from me again!

This little incident holds some explanation of what I am going to post on Sunday. You’ll know what I mean when I post that picture!


Cynthia L. H. said...

Sometimes, the amazing gifts that we are that one, are just incredible.

Max-e said...

Shabby Girl we are going to have to call it the "C" connection for now. Those re really moments to treasure.

Simply Heather said...

I like this photo, though...very nice. A bullet??!! Geesh.

A Bobcat? Hmmm...that could be as dangerous as a bullet, I suppose.

Sometimes, I get so frustrated when I can't grab a shot that I would have liked to; when I see something so incredible, that I would have loved to share with someone in a photo...and do you know what comes over me when I feel that way, Lisa?

"This gift - was just for you."

:) Treasure it in your mind.

Love to you.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you got shot at? (Where are the italics when I need them??? Emphasis on shot)

How cool, a bobcat! It is truly amazing how wildlife can disappear by blending in, and bumbling humans never even notice.

Can't wait to see your photo!

Dan Felstead said... certainly do not lead a boring life! First of all the bullet!!! I think my knees would have gone weak. But the Bobcat...that is awesome. I am going to be out of town on Sunday but I will be visiting on Monday to read your Sunday post for sure.


Janice said...

Please do not chase after bobcats anymore. Photogenic or otherwise. I would rather have you than the best picture in the world.
PS. I was hoping for the lemur...

Barry said...

A bullet whizzed by your head and that's NOT what you want to talk about!!!!


That "not having your camera with you" is definitely my thing. If I have the camera, nothing interesting happens.

But leave it behind one day.....

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