Thursday, October 8, 2009


I really like this picture. It speaks to me. I relate to it on so many levels.

Yes, it's windblown. Past its prime. But still lovely. Notice the brown, used up blooms, that still cling to the stalk. The healthier blooms that are trying their best to hang on, in spite of being tossed around in the wind. But there's also brand new buds, waiting their turn to show their faces to the sun.


Dan Felstead said... I read your post I thought of how closely it relates to a family...all living under the same roof but at different stages in their lives.

Nice Picture.


shabby girl said...

Dan, you're absolutely right. I took this photo along highway 10. It was lined for miles with these Black Eyed Susans. Not anywhere else, just right next to the road, which I found interesting.
The road of life, extended family, ancestors. I could go on and on; I won't. :)

amuse me said...

Very nice composition - I love how everything behind is blurred. Speaking of ancestors, we are planning a family reunion in November. Something that has never occurred as far as I know. Interesting times trying to find everyone. :) M

Max-e said...

Hi Shabby Girl, whenever I post a picture it has to be one that speaks to me. I was doing a post one day when my grandson,who was 4 at the tinme, was visiting and I said that I needed a photo that "speaks to me". When I found one he was very disappointed, because it refused to speak to him. Nice shot and thanks for the visit.

Pam said...

I think once flowers have started fading, you start noticing their lines more.

Simply Heather said...

Yes, I had the same thoughts as I read. I, too, can feel the photo.

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