Thursday, August 6, 2009

What I've Been Up To

They look happy don't they? This is a great book, and it's free. Certainly, it doesn't have all of the senior housing places, but it's a great start for people like me that are clueless about this process.

When I started checking places out online, I was freaking out at the cost of a one bedroom! And that price was for Independent Living. Add on some assisted living, and I started to gasp! After talking to several different facilities, I learned that on top of that price is even more price hikes with every extra service that is required, ie help with medications. By the time I was through talking to them, I was flat out gape-mouthed. How do people do it???

Enough with the freaking out already. Stop and think about it. The cost is all inclusive. Just the rent. No homeowners dues that she pays now. Utilities included (except phone) and that can be huge considering the heat in the summer. Three fantastic healthy meals a day (my mother eats like a horse). Weekly housekeeping & laundry. Transportation. Then there is monthly social security to bring the price down a bit. That helps.

We're going to Phoenix next week to have her see her old doc, a pulmonologist, to get somewhat of a tune-up on her COPD meds. While we're up there, we'll check out a few of these assisted living places. She's nervous about the whole thing, but since her fall in the front yard, and subsequent lack of medical help on the weekend, which is when most of her problems happen, she wants to start checking places out up there. Was that a run-on sentence, or what???

Most of these assisted living places have fitness rooms, scheduled outings to museums, shopping, music venues, libraries, activities, lots of social interaction, church services, and 24/7 nurse availability. AND she can keep her kitty.

I should be an expert on all of this by the time everything is in place. I'll be happy to pass on any information when that time comes.


septembermom said...

It sounds like a great deal. I like how they think of every consideration about safety and comfort. I may someday take you up on your offer to share your "expert" knowledge. Good luck with this whole process.

Simply Heather said...

:) every step is one taken forward, my friend :)

Cynthia L. H. said...

Thinking of you and hoping it all goes well.

Sandy said...

I knew nothing when I started that process for my mother also. I ended up with her at Springdale Village in East Mesa. They have independent living, assisted living and nursing home as well as an alzheimer's ward. I love the place and the people. Just a suggestion for another place to check out. Also, AZ has what they call ALTCS, depends on your Mom's finances but it is worth checking into.

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