Monday, August 24, 2009

Packing & Fun!

My days are full of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and noisy tape, but I think we just might be ready for the movers on Saturday! I've been really worried that I wouldn't get it all done, but it's moving right along. Yippee!

Over the weekend we also had a photo shoot do for one of our most fun clients. It was for the groundbreaking of his new building site. Where the building is going to sit, this is the view it will have.

That is all military property, so that particular view will go undisturbed. Nice, huh?

One of the great things about this particular client is that he is full of fun, and he doesn't mind us having "fun" while we work. In fact, he is quite a bad influence that way. Hehehe.

He had invited approximately 150 people to the "show" and almost everyone showed up. There were a few motorhomes parked out there, loads of food, good cheer, and laughter.

The grills were heatin' up, more people showing up, and great conversations with good friends.

Getting ready for the toast!

The night ended for us about 8 p.m., but we heard it went on into the wee hours!


septembermom said...

That last picture is really amazing! Love the sky with the little guy looking towards it. Glad that the packing is done.

Anonymous said...

Gosh what fun. I want a view like that, just amazing!

Scriptor Senex said...

Very best of luck for Saturday.

NanU said...

Now that's the right kind of client!
Good luck with the move.

amuse me said...

What a great day. Hope it goes well Saturday. :) M

Cynthia L. H. said...

OH!!!! Looks like fun!!!
LOVE the views! Wow!

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...I am going to have to go back to your posts...I didn't know you were moving! Out of state? I will check out your past posts to see what I missed.

Looks like this was great time.


Dan Felstead said...

OK...I visited you older posts...are you talking about moving your mom? If so, I hope all goes well.


Anonymous said...

wow - what a view - what a sky!

I actually let the bunny go today, he had cleaned his wounds, and I don't think there was much more I could do for him. I called a wildlife place, and talked with a girl who said his best chance was letting him go in my yard.

I'm sad, but I know he was wild and doesn't belong in a cage. I couldn't have done anything for his wounds that he wouldn't do, and they looked better after he cleaned them. So, hard as it was, I set him under the protective branches of a pine tree.


a bittersweet day, to be sure.

Doreen said...

wow! what fun! scenery is fantastic.

GB said...

Great post. I love seeing what other people get up to. You certainly couldn't have done that on Lewis yesterday!

Simply Heather said...

Great shots!! Looks to have been a load of fun and refreshment..well deserved :)

Linda Higgins said...

love the orange sky shot! Good luck on the move Saturday!

Tabby said...

How beautiful the pictures of the scenery are, they almost do not look real. I wish you luck on your move, since I am behind on reading my blogs I am sure you are all moved in...but I hope it went well. That sure looked like a fun party!

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