Monday, August 17, 2009


Look who was on our roof this morning!

He stayed and posed for about a half an hour. I wasn't that far from him, and even when I went back inside for the camera, he didn't get nervous at all! He was quite comfortable. There were 3 or 4 gold finches fluttering near him, and even a couple of hummers that paused numerous times about 2 feet from him.

I guess he just wasn't hungry!

My Mom's new digs! Well, it's warm enough to live out there, but no, inside.

What an incredibly exhausting trip! And who knew she'd find something the first time we went up there! The first day was full of Dr. appointments, and an xray on her foot, but the second day...

We started at 9:00 a.m. and went to look at 5, yes, FIVE different independent living places. They ran the spectrum from the most beautiful, elegant establishment, all the way down to a dark hole.

Here's what I learned, the dark hole is asking almost as much money as the beautiful place. Also, prices are pretty negotiable!!! One place, the most gorgeous started a conversation on the phone like this:

Me: Do you allow pets?

Him: How big is your pet?

Me: She's a fat cat.

Him: Oh yes, she can come.

Me: Oh good, is there a (cat) deposit?

Him: Yes, twenty thousand dollars.

Me: speechless.

Me: For a fat cat?

Him: Ooooh, no. It's a move in fee.

Me: Well, she can't do that.

Him: Okay, we'll waive that.

Me: Thank you.


Anonymous said...

WOW - that hawk photo is AMAZING!

You had me laughing at the 'fat cat' part. He waived a twenty thousand dollar fee?

You are one heck of a haggler!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Wow. I guess just about anything should be negotiable, then.
Let's go shopping.
LOVE the photos.
There is a hawk where I walk in the park sometimes. He just flies from tree to tree...just slightly ahead of me and goes the full circle with me. It's incredible and it's happened more than once!

So glad you got your Mom settled.

NanU said...

He just waived $20,000? Sounds more like an intelligence test than a fee!
I hope your Mom and her cat are happy there. It looks like a nice place.

Simply Heather said...

{hands clapping in strength - proud look upon my face and a smile}

My friend - All is well done :)

I had a red tail hawk across the road, you know - where the vulture was that day - I tried and tried to get a good shot of him but to no avail. This, you have captured, is PERFECT!! And I am blessed to see it.

Glad you're back ;)

GB said...

I have never managed such a wonderfully close photo of a bird of prey. I am quite envious.

Your Mum's new home looks very inviting. I hope that she and fat cat are very happy there.

Anonymous said...

GREAT shot of the hawk. What a beautiful place you found for your mom-- I hope she will be comfortable and happy there.

amuse me said...

Sounds like you are finding humor in helping out your mother. Good for you! :) M

Janice said...

I don't know, I think that cat could probably do $20,000 damage...

septembermom said...

The hawk photo is so cool! That fat cat story is funny. That fee definitely needed negotiation:) I hope your Mom is happy there.

GingerV said...

did you notice the toe nails on that guy, gads.
I quess the ultimate relaxation is to get your mother settled in a place where she will have friends, and be cared for properly. good luck on that.

Tabby said...

Hi there,

I love the photo's. What an amazing shot of the hawk I am glad he did not eat the finches. I too was laughing at the fat cat $20,000 deposit fee, it is always good to ask for discounts :)

Dan Felstead said...

Shabbygirl...I missed this post...I am so glad you all were able to come to a decision that all are happy with. So often, feelings are hurt or tempers flare in situations like this. I am happy for you AND your mom.


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