Sunday, August 31, 2008

Willy's Harrowing Adventure

Let's face it, it ain't easy being Willy. He's so very sensitive. He's had nearly 3 years of being totally dominated by Shasta and rarely ventures out on his own. We had our "three hour tour" of our new building on wheels in 103* temperatures when we went to pick up the RV in Tucson. I tried to follow as close as I could with the video camera in between trying to get back on my feet after contorting sideways to get a shot of some bolt, hole, dip stick or another, and wiping the sweat dripping down my face while the doggies stayed in Little Debbie (trailer that we traded in) parked next to the new RV with the A/C on. The trouble began when we brought the dogs up the 5 steps to get into the giant. Shasta flew in no problem. Wilson's legs were everywhere. Okay, fine, he got in and was very pleased to find the (his) bed to lay on while we finished the tour inside. Then we were going to take it for a spin so Ron could get the feel of driving it. I saw the confusion cross Willy's face, then the fear when all of a sudden the walls started moving (slides coming in). He ran to Ron then to me and back again. If he could have crawled in my pocket he would have. Things like that just don't happen in Wilson's world! He was even more terrified when the whole thing started moving down the road and he jammed himself in between the back of the driver's seat and the wall that had moved in. I see nothing, I hear nothing. I swear he was having a nervous breakdown! When we got back to the lot, I took him outside before we put the slides back out and I still had to put him in Little Debbie when he saw the walls move from the outside! No Freaking Way!!! We were so glad that we stayed for a couple of days because there were many issues (no A/C in the middle of the night, the black tank had not been emptied, awning not working, refrigerator stopped working, no brake lights) and because it was the slow season for them, we had swarms of techs and managers at our beck and call to fix it all. Willy slept through all of that...he was exhausted! We ended up having to leave it there for a few more days to make sure the refrigerator stayed cold and Willy was very happy to come home in the truck. He was not, however, so happy to see it show up in the backyard a few days later!!! He was slinking around, suspicious, when Ron opened the door AND THE STEPS CAME OUT!!! Willy flew to the outer yard and when I caught up to him he was standing at the fence whining, begging to go next door. He had HAD IT with us! Will life ever be normal for him again? Will we ever be able to travel with him? I don't know if dogs have numerous lives like cats, but if they do, surely Wilson lost a few during the last couple of weeks of being scared to death!

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