Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carr Canyon

When we went to bed night before last, there were grumblings of thunder and shocks of lightening all around! No kidding, north, east, west, and south. Everywhere! Gotta love those monsoons. Could be big doin's tonight weatherwise. You just never know if you'll get it or not. We did manage to go to sleep and when we woke up the next morning...WATER!!! It takes a torrential rain to produce this waterfall up on our mountain. Of course, we had to throw the hairballs in the back of the truck and jump in, cameras in tow, to drive up there first thing! Driving up into the canyon you have to drive through a couple of places where the "river", created by this waterfall, crosses the road. A little nerve wracking because the water is moving so fast. AND, here in AZ there is something called a "stupid driver ticket". It's almost always associated with some stupid person trying to drive through a wash or "just a little river" created by monsoon rains and ending up in a mess of trouble that requires a rescue team to get out of. A guaranteed way to get on the 6 o'clock news as well I might add. Anyway, towards the top of the canyon there is a little parking area with a great view of the falls. It's early so the temps are cool and moist. We can hear the water rushing down the mountain as we set up the equipment. After getting our shots there we drove farther up the mountain. The road is unpaved and is pretty torn up after the storm. Love our Tundra! As we got as close as we were comfortable coming to the waterfall we took more pictures and remembered a few stories that our sheriff friend told us of people wanting to get an up close and personal look at the falls from the top. And that's exactly what they did. Fall. There is a point of no return, nothing to grab on to. There is no surviving that. With that playing on our minds, we head back down towards home. As with the ocean, no matter how beautiful and how much we love it, you gotta respect nature and all that comes with it.

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