Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soooo, a couple of weeks ago we took a little trip to Tucson to "just look" at motorhomes. Fun, and we'd like to get one eventually, down the road, in a couple years... Really, I was more excited to just go up there to go to Joann's and Trader Joes, go out to a nice dinner, and have some fun with my hubby. Got to Beaudry RV at about 10 a.m. and didn't get out of there until 5:30, paperwork finished, and the sick (I could throw up now just thinking about it) feeling of knowing that we had temporarily lost our minds and signed the legally binding documents that made this RV our very own. WTF were we thinking?!?! Ooohhh, we weren't. We were swept along by the most efficient tag team in recent history. For the next week and a half, there was virtually no sleep and when I did manage to drift off to mindlessness, I would startle myself awake in a cold sweat. As more days of sleep deprivation piled on top of the previous days' lack of sleep, I ended up in tears wondering if our entire future was ruined forever! (drama queen) I felt incredibly guilty for having done it and could not even fathom telling anyone. Ron is very excited about it but has had a few moments of worry as well but he sees a much bigger picture than I do. He is much more courageous than me. He has always had this wonderful vision of us making a commercial while we are parked in front of Mount Rushmore. Now it might happen. So there it is. It's a previously owned, 2005 Country Coach that we got a screamin' deal on and is just beautiful inside. We plan to take it to Santa Cruz in October and since the studio business is portable we can perhaps pick up some new business while we're there. We went back up to Tucson last Thursday to stay in it at Beaudry for a couple of days to get to know her before bringing her home. You won't believe what happened. Willy is still not over it... I'll share that little experience next time!

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The6ofusinca said...

OMG! Tod and I dream of that!!! For now we have our little 1973 travel trailer! lol! Its such a blast, you will love it.... No regrets, HEY CAN'T YOU USE IT AS A WRITE OFF IF IT'S USED FOR YOUR BUSINESS?? HUH? HUH?!?!?
I can't wait to hear what happend next and man, she's a beauty!!!!

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