Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday My Town Shootout

On another note, I was fascinated with the variety and beauty of some of the shirts I saw people wearing at the 4th of July gathering at our park.

There were demonstrations of these beautiful beasties "working."

Wouldn't be a 4th of July celebration without "B Troop" from Fort Huachuca!

This is always a popular stand around here!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Doreen said...

great celebration! I love all the designs on the shirts. and the food looks good too!!

Anonymous said...

looks like an amazing!

GingerV said...

seeing this made me so homesick. I am not an enthusiast of wearing the flag but I love the wall with the messages. were they all the same type of setiment as the close up or did some say to remember our soldiers? we should have walls like that all accross america - wouldn't that be great?

shabby girl said...

The wall of flags were actually put up on the border fence that runs along this man's back property line. I'll do a more extensive post about it later this week. :)

GB said...

It looks like serious fun (if you my meaning). I can't imagine any such thing happening in the UK - England especially. Nor, for that matter, in New Zealand.

Pauline said...

GB is right, events like that don't happen here. Most things, including patriotism, is a lot more low key.

Love the wall of flags and the shirts!

Ann said...

The first photo is incredible. Do you do this every year?

In 1976, I was in Canada watching your Bi-centennary.

Heather T. said...

This was a treat for me...very much!!!

GingerV said...

Shabby girl - I realized it was
'the wall' but thought what a great idea - like the weeping wall in Israel - to have a wall put up in city centers and allow flags with notes to soldiers and other lost ones.... what a neat thing to overtake our country.

Anonymous said...

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