Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Ready

We have been working hard on getting ready for our big adventure back home to Santa Cruz. So much to do and only 6 days left to do it! As far as the business goes, all of the projects need to be completed, invoices mailed out, and media bills paid. We've been busy thinking of new business we might find in CA as well and trying to schedule those contacts between spending much needed time with our wonderful families and friends. We've downloaded checklist after checklist from RV sites online to make sure we don't forget anything. I'd love to be able to run something out to our big, bad house on wheels whenever I think of something, but she's in the shop having some things repaired...oh, I guess I forgot to tell you...the awning...the first or second day we had the monster home we opened up the awning just to practice working it properly, went in the house and didn't give it another thought. Meanwhile, one of our biggest monsoon showers of the season rolled through and when I happened outside I saw to my horror that the awning was like a huge balloon drooping down full of water! When we tried to help the water out over the edge, the awning arm bent, and while it would still operate it had to be helped to close. Then...while we were at St. David after visiting the dump station for our return home, there is a skinny little bridge you have to drive over that is preceeded by a rather short turn to get on the bridge. Just before the bridge is a large steel bollard that thankfully prevents people like us from ending up in the creek three feet down. Yep, we had a nice dent in the bottom of the coach from hitting that bollard. Yes, I was outside "guiding" him across and I saw that it was going to hit. What I learned is that just banging on the side of the RV is not a good way to tell him to stop. Fast forward to this weekend when we'll be at the high school "practicing" our turns. Ron found a wonderful DVD,, that explains everything we did wrong. So much we don't know and the salespeople don't tell you! How to adjust your mirrors, finding the pivot point in those mirrors, tail swing, negotiating turns. We'll probably watch that DVD about a bazillion times before we leave!

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