Friday, October 17, 2008

Day Two on the Road

Day two started off with two VERY GOOD DOGGIES! Truly, I am amazed. As soon as we took off they both jumped up on the couch (dang it) and layed down. Not even a peep out of either of them. Whew. Most of the trip today was miles and Miles of not much, however, I really have learned to see the beauty of the desert. The mountains turn shades of purple and in one case through the Mojave National Preserve there was a white mountain. What little foilage there was, is still pretty green, until Barstow that is. Got a nice picture of the Colorado River coming into California. Always nice to see some WATER! Beautiful huh? I really liked the area towards the summit of the Tehachapi mountains. Lots of trees! Here's a picture of a swarm of windmills in the Tehachapi's. When we came down off the mountain we could see to the south a fog of smoke from the fires near L.A. How fun to see all of the acres of orange trees coming in to Bakersfield. Gets us all excited about fresh fruits and vegetables! We checked in to Bakersfield RV Park around 3:30. Not as nice a place as in Kingman for sure. When we first got there we could hear train whistles and it reminded me of when I was young and heard them all the time in San Mateo. Was good to reminise until it happened every 30 minutes all night long. Wilson's eyes are all crunched closed.

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