Friday, October 17, 2008

Day One on the Road

So here we are on day one driving north on Highway 90 getting ready to turn WEST on I-10. It only took Willy about 10 miles to stop trying to jump over the baby gate we put up to keep those wild animals away from the driving area. He is curled up on the couch, which I didn’t want to let him do, but he was making me crazy so I let him… Shasta is still squeaking and it makes me wonder if she does that in the back of the truck all the time too.
We’re excited to finally be on the road! We only had one day to go shopping and get everything packed into the rv. Why you ask?
Two days ago the Tubster was back in the shop. We were pulling the slides back in and realized that one in the bedroom was not closing all the way. Another drive to Whetstone to RV City revealed a problem that has been going on for a long time. The previous owners replaced the original mattress with a wonderful, high end mattress that, albeit heavenly, it doesn’t fit. Over a period of time the slide has become geehawky. The solution was to put a lock that we have to put on and take off on the top of the slide to keep it from moving around while we’re driving.
We just drove through the Joshua Tree Forest Parkway. Who knew you could have a whole forest of Joshua trees??? Coming out of the forest (I say that in jest) we head up the mountains. The road is awesome! Lots of saquaros up here.
Ron is doing such a great job driving. We had some construction through Phoenix and little dinky little lanes and he drove it like he’d been doing it forever. One reason might be that in the dvd about driving an rv, it talks about lining the rv up with a long line and marking the dashboard with a piece of tape so you’ll always know where the lane line is. Works like a charm! Probably another 90 miles or so to Kingman, our first stop of the trip.
Our first night away from home is spent at a nice little rv park called Blake Ranch and is about 12 miles out of Kingman right off the road. There's trees at every campsite and the place is covered in pea gravel (thank you, thank you!). We had to vacuum before we could even get set up. Guess the hairballs were so nervous they just dropped hair. There is a little doggie park here and has proved a great benefit to us! Early to bed tonight!

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The6ofusinca said...

How fun!!! That's the life I want!!!
Drive safe and don't kill each other! lol!
Miss you my friend!

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