Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jerome, AZ

Since we don’t have a tow vehicle set up for the building on wheels yet, we rented a car for a couple of days to tour the area around Cottonwood. Today we chose Jerome. Jerome is a peculiar little place, that used to be a copper mining town in the 1800’s. It has burned numerous times and rebuilt many times as well. All this week there has been a controlled burn on the other side of the mountain, making shots somewhat hazy.

I haven't touched this photo at all. This was the beginning of the days burn.

To get there, you drive from an elevation of 3100 ft up a winding road to 5500 ft. Hubby hates heights, going up or down. I should have offered to drive, I guess, but he probably wouldn’t have liked it any better if I had. If you continue up and over the mountain, winding your way through 158 curves, you will come to Prescott. Talk about a wild ride!

Once in town, it’s an uphill zigzag of funky little shops, an artisans wonderland. Loads of places to eat & explore. In it’s heyday the population was about 15,000 people (I'll have to verify that), all involved with the mine. Today, there are about 450 full time residents.

Here are some photos we took today…
You know I'm crazy for crows!

Many of the places we took photos of were abandoned buildings that probably have gone through one of the many fires.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow with some history of Jerome, AZ.


Anonymous said...

On saturdays at my blog I do a scenic saturday...alot of my shots end up being of old buildings...I just love these....amazing!

Scriptor Senex said...

If one cannot travel around the world this is definitely the next best thing - thank you!

Cynthia L. H. said...

Wow! Great photos...and looks like you had a wonderful time!

NanU said...

I see you're having a great time exploring - thanks for taking us along!

amuse me said...

Sounds like an interesting town. We are going to be in Arizona over the holidays. I'm wondering if this might be a day trip. :)

Heather said...

It amazes me that it has burned and been rebuilt so often, but what a precious little town. Your photos are beautiful, Lisa...beautiful!!!!!

The crow?...I didn't see the crow at all until you pointed it out (smiling at myself).

I REALLY like the last shot...very much.

Barry said...

The textures in your photos is awesome. The top photo of the sun burning its way through the morning cloud cover is just brilliant.

septembermom said...

Your photos are always terrific. Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots!

GingerV said...

I haven't been back to Jerome since 92 - to prescott multiple times, Sedona, taken the train in Clarksdale, but havent taken the time to go to Jerome. Now that my mother is back in Michigan doubt that I will be in Arizona soon... too many places to go. we live on the first curve as you enter Jerome, right across frome the high school - do they still go there? we used to walk those hills - going down from our rented house to the museum across the way... the house of the owners of the copper mines - we used to play there before it was a museum.... (63-64) its were I live when JFK was assasinated.
great trip down memory lane.

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